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your story drives your business

A recent survey conducted by Mandala discovered that more than 85% of companies can not effectively communicate what they do, how they are different and why you should care – resulting in:

  1. Confusion about the company's mission and market position;

  2. Lost sales;

  3. Inability to attract capital, top employees and strategic partners.

Why should this concern you? Because, every day your story is being told across the value chain – internally and externally – by employees, customers, investors, partners, regulators, journalists, and industry influencers alike.

It's your corporate DNA, influencing almost every decision people make about your company and products. Positioning, competitive advantage, corporate mission and values – they are all structured, understood and communicated in stories.

It seems obvious. Yet, most organizations’ ability to define, understand and communicate their story – internally and externally – is woefully under the bar.  And, it is something that only senior management can fix.