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Strategic, because we create positioning strategies that re-define markets in ways that eliminate the competition. 

Clarity, because we help architect brand messaging that is compelling, concise, credible and contagious -- true to the company’s vision.

Our unique ‘whole business’ approach starts with helping CEOs, executive teams, Boards, and investors understand the eight core forces shaping their company’s identity -- internally and externally.

From there, we bring it all together to:

  1. Craft powerful brand narratives -- stories that quickly grab people’s attention and are easily told, and re-told;

  2. Understand current brand equities, customer/audience loyalties, and technology advantages;

  3. Obtain the consensus of key managers and product groups – getting everybody on the same page;

  4. Create strategies to get the people that matter engaged with
    your brand.

Clients tell us we’re in the ‘strategic clarity’ business