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When Steve Jobs re-took Apple’s helm, he called on Bill Ryan and his team to manage Apple’s turnaround and to launch the iMac. When two Internet entrepreneurs at Stanford with a little-known enterprise called Yahoo! wanted to burst onto the national scene, they too turned to Ryan.

For more than 25 years, Ryan has helped create, shape and evangelize breakthrough ideas that define market landscapes and drive demand.  Executives seek out Ryan as a strategic catalyst to:

  1. Clarify their vision, mission and strategy;

  2. Achieve breakthroughs by thinking through critical issues in unique, unconventional ways;

  3. Out-maneuver competitors by redefining market criteria, dynamics and positioning;

  4. Re-craft their brand/story/messaging – enabling the company to quickly communicate with investors, employees, customers, regulators, and influencers in ways that are credible, concise and compelling;

  5. Architect next-generation web and media experiences to drive market awareness, engage customer communities and utilize user data to drive new revenue streams.

A true industry insider, Ryan sits on the Boards of several companies and foundations, such as Craigslist Foundation, where he serves as Chairman Emeritus. He is currently working on several books on his unique Mandala Method™ approach to marketing and image building, including: Marketectures: Business Pictures That Tell a Thousand Words, Architecture of Identity and Mastering the Art of Business Prevention: A User’s Guide for Driving Your Company Out of Business.

In his free time, Ryan collects contemporary art with little concern for available wall
space, studies landscape design and horticulture, practices yoga and the martial arts,
listens to jazz and electronica, enjoys anything Asian and regrets not being able to
squeeze more movies into Web time.  

William Ryan